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Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel

2790 E.Camellia St Pahrump NV 89048 US

                                   Established in 1982, registered by FCI in 1993

We have a big family and few other house animals. What kind if problems we should expect?

Unless properly socialized and trained, the Caucasian Ovcharka may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies. It distrusts people it does not know and it has a powerful urge to defend. Everything and everyone who belongs to the family, including children, cats, other dogs, etc, will be regarded by this dog as part of "its" family and will be respected and protected. In play – sometimes becomes too rough. It has no time for strangers, but it will greet family friends warmly. It can be rather dominate towards other dogs it does not know, but be a sweetheart with little playmate at home. It requires an owner who knows how to display strong leadership and who is willing to spend a lot of time socializing and training. They should be well behaved with and accepting of all family members, but naturally wary of strangers. It is important to "socialize" the Caucasian at an early age to properly adapt to different people and situations.