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Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel

2790 E.Camellia St Pahrump NV 89048 US

                                   Established in 1982, registered by FCI in 1993

     Est-Alfa Kennel dedicated to maintaining the integrity and dignity of the breed.

We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of promoting the natural (original) purpose of Caucasian Ovcharka purebred dogs and breeding first of all for function, then for type. We are not selecting breeding sire and matron for the “monster-looking-type”, but for their working quality and intelligence. We firmly believe that CO/ CAO are truly working breeds and their quality is not to be preserved by producing 190-200 lbs dogs. The only purpose of a big, heavy dog – 1) to look attractive on the Dog Show (or on the couch next to the TV, or in the dog-park…),

2) to frighten your friends only by looking at them (no biting, he should be “gooood boy”).

We are not producing “pet-quality” dogs. That is either Show/Working quality or a Working quality dog. In the last few years, the demand for dogs with protective instincts has heavily increased. We are looking more now for the temperament, protective drive and mobility of the dog. The dog with 150-175 lbs body weight – is in excellent shape for a good working dog (add longer life and less veterinarian bills; no need to mention generic problems that following often / recently heavy bloodlines).

Most of our dogs are working 4-5 nights per week as a Guard Dog for commercial and construction properties. And that is not making them violent or aggressive towards the family. Also, they are still able to obey the rules of the occasional Dog Show. So, if you are looking for the chunky cute “teddy-bear” – you are in the wrong place.

Est-Alfa Kennel advocates for the purebred Caucasian dog as a family/property/ livestock guardian, proclamation dignity of the breed and its working quality.

Est-Alfa Kennel recognizes it's responsibility to preserve and protect the purebred Caucasian Ovcharka dog. It further recognizes that the quality and reputation of the breed rests squarely in the hands of its breeders.

We believe that others are entitled to disagree with our point of view.

Vasili Platunov

Est-Alfa Kennel established in 1982 and register by FCI in 1993. Dogs from Est – Alfa Kennel participated in several dog shows in Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Austria, Russia and USA and received various high honors with his Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharka in Russia and Europe. Kennel “Est-Alfa” produced World Champion, Bests in Show and numerous Champions and Winners.

In 1993 kennel was relocated from Estonia (former USSA republic) to USA. Presently, kennel has over 40 dogs.

Est-Alfa Kennel specializes in breeding, training and supplying guard dogs (specifically Caucasian Ovcharka, also known as Caucasian Mountain Dog). Est-Alfa Kennel supplies dogs worldwide, mostly in USA and Canada to be used by farmers, property or personal protection dogs. For the past 30 years Est-Alfa Kennel owned and operated by

Mr. Platunov.


OWNER / BREEDER and leader of the "Est-Alfa pack"...

+1 (702) 513-9583

[email protected]

Mr. Platunov started his canine activity in the Estonia in 1980 with Working Dog Club of Voluntary Society for Promotion of Army, Air Force and Navy ( DOSAAF). In 1984 Mr. Platunov complete Canine Handler Special Course and ...

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