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Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel

2790 E.Camellia St Pahrump NV 89048 US

                                   Established in 1982, registered by FCI in 1993

What is the history of the breed?

The Kavkaz (Caucasus) mountain range of Eastern Europe – so many nations with different cultures calling it their home through the centuries. The territories of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Daghestan, Osettia, Turkey, Chechnia, Ingushetia and Iran, the Caucasus mountains are also home to the magnificent Caucasian Ovcharka..

Although its first official Western Show-Ring appearance was in the 1930's in Germany, the Caucasian Ovcharka has existed since ancient times and was introduced to the bloodlines of many of today's World breeds throughout history. A number of researches showing the Caucasian dogs as being the close relative of the sheepdogs of the Balkans and mastiffs of Asia. Which goes against the theories claiming the ancient Caucasian Ovcharka as an indigenous Russian breed.