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Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel

2790 E.Camellia St Pahrump NV 89048 US

                                   Established in 1982, registered by FCI in 1993

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“…In summary,we of the Alpha - Australian Caucasian Ovacharka Kennels extend our deepest Appreciation to Vasili Platunov of Est - Alfa Kennels for trusting and allowing us to undertake the journey into the Caucasain Ovacharka World. The Support, Advice and Guidence from your years of experience with the Caucasain Ovacharka has been second to None

You are a Gentleman! for allowing these Great Dogs to come to Australia.

Thank You! " 

...all are doing extremely well and the whole community stop and want to know about the 6 monsters.

Elizar - My Mate or Elly Loop Loop - He has exceeded my expectations as a guardian and has earned his reputation amongst all of the farmers as a magnificent working dog and a family friend - approximately 80 people have asked for pups from him alone, all from people watching him at his working ability with livestock. And yes :):):)he still sleeps on the end on my bed with Fedora.

Gordon D.

Alpha - Australian Caucasian Ovacharka Kennels


Happy Owner and Happy dog in Alaska

Vasili, thank you very much for allowing us to purchase this pup. Leonard (AKA-Est Alfa Vegas) is very energetic and already, at almost 10 weeks, very protective of his propery. We like to walk him out along the edge of our property so he can bark at the moose and any other wildlife that might be getting too close to the yard.He plays well with our family and friends dogs and loves to chase the tennis ball. He particularly loves his toy squirrel with a squeaker in the tail. Attached are some picture of him to date. The picture titled "nap time" was taken after a hard morning of playing in my office at work. Yes, he loves to come with me to work and everyone in my office loves him as well as my other co workers when we travel out to the field. We will update you as he grows.

Josh G. Sterling Alaska Date: Oct 13, 2011

Perfect Puppy

I purchased Rock from Vasilli two month ago. I flight to them and have a look the puppy by myself,they are the real professional breeders,not just home raised breeders.Puppy got good bone structure and nice temperament. After I got him from airport, Rock got diarrhea, I contact Vasilli and his wife, they both really patiently explain the reason and help me to solve the problem. Puppy came with all up to date shot record and certificate prove of CO. My vet give him almost perfect feedback. After I feed him for one month and half, I bring him to vet again for recheck, everything is perfect, only one thing mysterious, he gain his weight from 52 pounds to 91 pounds, and he is only 5.5 month old. My vet said he is not overweight regarding on his body structure. What a lovely baby I got!Thanks a lot Vasilli, you give me a well-content gift as I wished

Haoman, September 14, 2011 

Thank you.

Thank you Vasili for visiting us in Miami and bringing “Taiga” to our family, we love her and every day is a new adventure, she already likes me and tries to give me kisses and gives her hand when you ask. She is just a lovely dog, thank you again Rafael and Marina , Miami Florida 9/11/11

Rafael Davila on Sunday, September 11, 2011 7:46 PM  

Thank You Vasili for the best dog ever!!!

Thank you Vasili for the best dog ever!!! Raina is just over 5 months old now and gets along with everyone, even my stubborn headed 4 year old pit. They play all day it's so great. I take her to the beach, the woods, and the park and she plays with other dogs and people. She is the most adorable dog in the world and everyone falls in love with her immediately. Thank you so much for the new addition to my family!!! I'm a proud CO owner, thank you for that. -Scott from CA Thanks again Vasili for driving Raina to my house, a 14 hour drive to Northern California!

Scott, September 4, 2011   

Haven't regretted our choice for one moment.

Our puppy is now six and a half months old and is one of our life's great joys. He still has the clumsiness of a puppy which sometimes surprises us since he's nearing 100 pounds and is getting really big. Some folks were concerned that we were getting a dog of this size with a protective reputation. However, he is a sweetheart who has taken to my wife in a big way. When we go out for walks she takes his leash and has no trouble with him. Intelligent, gentle, well behaved, a perfect family member. Wish I had known about this breed many years ago. Vasili and Oksana are wonderful, caring people. I'm sorry we haven't had the opportunity to meet them personally. All in all a marvelous experience. Haven't regretted our choice for one moment.

Paul Geisert on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 9:26 AM

What I will post everywere!

Vasili and Oksana graciously hosted me at their home and let the puppy(s) pick me as I needed a responsive working dog…. I am grateful and pleased everyday with my puppy. I had a specific need to train the next farm dog so mine could retire after great service. Nyker is a pleasure to train and eager to please, a real natural in our farm environment, he is just what I had envisioned. He ended up doing the job I had intended for him sooner than one would think! Being just over 6 months old he faced down his first bear! Having the female pups on leash for training he was free and ran to meet the bear who was approaching the immediate home territory. I called him back and he came. The bear came around another way and Nyker met him again, holding the line. Again he returned by voice command. The third time Nyker met the bear back at the original position. I walked to retrieve him beyond the courtyard light. Nyker remained calm as I touched him even as he growled and threatened the bear who was retreating. While making good decisions, protecting us and our pack in a set territory; he held the line against a very large predator while still responding to voice commands and remaining calm and responsive towards me. All this at 6 months old, after only 6 classes of training and living with us for only 2 months. I am amazed and thrilled at his performance, mind, and temperament. He is a pleasure to work with and I love him dearly!

Rebecca C. February 16, 2011

Best welped pups ever!

We orignially bought 2 pups from Vasili to eventually work with our two adult CO's. These were the best welped pups we've ever had - great fit from day 1. Nice instincts with stock (still learning). Vasili also helped with our adult CO's to help correct some of the things we were and weren't doing to make THEM better. So impressed we bought another puppy... and when friends came over to see puppies they ALSO bought one even though they were originally looking for a Great Pyrenees. Absolutely, hands down, the best breeder in the US. Knowledge and integrity and it shows in the quality of the dogs.

Todd, September 6, 2010   


We purchased a beautiful male Caucasian Ovcharka puppy from Vasili a few months ago. We started having aggression issues within one month and I contacted Vasili for help. Their response was immediate. They not only offered advice - Vasili personally drove thousands of miles across the country to my home to check out our puppy. They took the potential for excessive aggression very seriously. He even brought a replacement sweet tempered girl pup if we wanted or if he felt our male was not suitable as a family companion after he checked him out. I have never heard of a breeder going to such lengths to ensure proper placement of their pups. Vasili has spent his life with these dogs and his love for them is obvious. Of course, the problem was not the puppy, it was my fault - but Vasili were very patient. We were so impressed we not only kept our male, we bought the female as well!

Tom P. Michigan September 5, 2010   

Pup from Est-Alfa Kennel

We Purchased a puppy from Est-Alfa kennel a few months ago and we are so happy with her. Vasili and Oksana are wonderful breeders.They care very much about all their dogs and puppys and the families they go to.If you are looking to buy an ovcharca we highly recomend this kennel.We have had our puppy for several months now and she is a very happy,healthy pup.Vasili and Oksana will always answer any questions or concerns that you may have very quickly and will never leave you wondering about anything. We still keep in touch with them and would buy another puppy from them.

Russell and Dena - Missouru,July 27, 2010   

Wonderful Breeder

We are so pleased with our puppy that we purchased from Vasili. We told them what kind of personality we were looking for and got the perfect pup for our needs. When we received Jed, he was already very socialized and well-adjusted. You could definitely tell that he had been worked with when he was very little. Jed has a wonderful personality and is extremely smart. Any questions that we had, before and after purchase, were answered promptly and expertly. They really care about their dogs and the homes that their puppies go to. I would recommend Est-Alfa Kennels to anyone looking for a quality Ovcharka.

Cyndi, August 18, 2009   

Thank you!

I know Vasili for 10 years as a nice person and a knowledgeable breeder. Not long time ago I bought a puppy from his kennel. He helped me to pick the dog per my very demanding requirements. He was patient with me explaining every step of raising my puppy. He recommended food suitable for large breeds and answered many of my questions. I am weary impressed with his quick responses to my phone calls. The main thing is beautiful dogs he has. Very good temper and a lot of charm. Vasili, thanks for a great Puppy and your help! Gary O. Phoenix, Arizona.

Gary, June 26, 2009

Re Vasili & his beautiful CO's

Vasili is an EXCELLENT breeder very knowledgeable in our breed. I had the joy of getting two CO's from Vasili 4 years ago & they are my hearts dream & joy, they are true to the breed standard, both have excellent temperaments I have very recently got another puppy from Vasili & she is a dream as well I can certainly recommend that anyone who wants a CO go to Vasili & get one from him as I said he is a knowledgeable breeder who cares 100% for our breed, helps his buyers when they need it. He is a wonderful doggie person. A pleasure to know. I now have the joy of owning three CO's all from Vasili I can give him my full backing.

Patti, June 23, 2009

Good temperament, excellent health and quality pup

I did much research before deciding to get our puppy from Est – Alfa Kennel. When we got our new puppy, we were so please with his temperament, health and quality. We attribute this to the breeder truly loving and understanding his breed, and the way they start socializing the pups before they send them to their new homes. Our pup traveled by air to PA he did really well with the flight. They are great communicators and kept us informed with every step. I would highly recommend Est – Alfa Kennel. I know that we intend to get another puppy from them at a later time. We just love are new pup. Ray & Linda PA

Ray, February 14, 2009

Exceptional Breeders and Wonderful People

We purchased 2 magnificent puppies in July of 07, 1 male and 1 female. Very informative people, any and all questions asked were answered immediately, never was an I don't know or a maybe you should look on the Internet for info type thing. Very friendly people and most of all We have 2 beautiful dogs that not only are they protective but gentle enough to play with our 2 year old son. Gentle Giants, Great Guardians and I have to thank Vasili and his wonderful wife for the perfect dogs and always being there when needed, Thank You. Sincerely, Randi

Randi, February 12, 2009

Proud owner

We purchased a dog from this breeder in October 2005. Ever since, we were in touch with a breeder. Any questions or concerns we've had were answered in full and in a timely matter. Vasily helped us with a traning of the dog as well. We have a very healthy, freindly and absolutely beautiful 4 years old male. He was honored with a title of an ARBA Champion of Beauty on August 21, 2008 along with dozens "best in breed". We would definetely reccomend anyone to consider Vasily as the first choice in buying this beautiful breed, Caucasian Ovtcharka.

Irina, January 19, 2009

Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel,

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