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Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel

2790 E.Camellia St Pahrump NV 89048 US

                                   Established in 1982, registered by FCI in 1993


Est-Alfa K-9 Security Service, LLC.

offers unique canine protective services:

K-9 Patrol Units * Guard Dogs * Detection Dogs

Est-Alfa K-9 Security Services, LLC, based in Pahrump, NV. Licensed

and insured. Firm specializes in providing professional K-9 security services in Nevada to clients from a wide range of public and private sectors.

* General Liability Insurance.

* Meeting your needs head on, we offer 24-hour dispatch;

daily, weekly and monthly services .

* We offer a safe and economical way to provide you with the right amount of protective service.

* We commit to this by providing our customers with an in depth assessment of their location. This ensures they receive the most comprehensive plan that meets their individual needs.

* Our service is unique and affordable.

* We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the services they want and to minimize or eliminate problems on their property, protect our clients and make our community a safer place.

* Our dogs trained in the foreign language. 


for the dogs

any size, any temper,

with any behaving problems!


Our males produce high Show and Working quality puppies.

Among our dogs are WORLD, EURO, RUS, MEX, EST, POL, USA & etc. CHAMPIONS.